08:30 – 09:00 Registration
09:00 – 17:45 Conference
17:45 – 18:00 Conclusion
18:00 – 20:00 Afterparty


Welcome and introduction

speaker: Iveta Králová – Chairwoman of CZGBC Board

09:15–09:55 KEYNOTE SPEECH

When cities follow the rules of natural systems

The lecture will present ideas and projects in order to transform our cities into Biocities, where cities follow the rules of natural systems to promote life and biodiversity. He will shared the Barcelona Protocol, a European Action Plan for the City and the Earth, the Mass is More installation at the Mies van der Rohe pavilion, the ideas and solutions behind the tallest timber building in Spain, and his latest project in Africa (an school for kids) creating a new model of industrialized ecological buildings that use local resources and ancestral knowledge to make zero carbon buildings.

speaker: Vicente Guallart – Founder Guallart Architects


What we do to make Greta happy

speaker: Petr Palička – Managing Director, Penta Real Estate

ESG, requirements and expectations, supplemented by the view of the developer

Skanska’s approach to sustainability, requirements and expectations of tenants, investors, certifications, and legal provisions. How all these requirements come together, intersect, and complement each other will be the central theme of the presentation, supplemented by practical examples.

speaker: Eva Nykodymová – Health&Safety and Environmental Manager Skanska

The architects role in decarbonisation

Architects occupy a central position within the construction industry. Globally, the built environment contributes almost 40% of all carbon emissions, which is a huge amount. The architect can therefore be instrumental in guiding design teams, clients and contractors in achieving decarbonisation targets, whether at the level of the masterplan or the city block, and for individual buildings, whether reconstructions, new-builds, or fit-outs.

At the Green Building conference, Jon will discuss the role of the architect in decarbonization. He will describe Chapman Taylor’s approach to some of the key issues, the importance of collaboration, the use of software tools and operating an environmental management system. He will also set-out some of Chapman Taylor’s aims and briefly introduce a couple of benchmark projects.

speaker: Jon Hale – Group Board Director Chapman Taylor

Náměstek primátora hl. m. Prahy, Člen Rady hl. m. Prahy pro oblast územního a strategického rozvoje.

V Praze se v současnosti plánuje a staví celá řada nových čtvrtí. Klíčovým tématem, které je nutné u těchto projektů řešit, je jejich udržitelnost a odolnost. Co to ale konkrétně znamená? Jak navrhnout a vystavět udržitelnou čtvrť? Co všechno je při plánování udržitelného města potřeba vzít v úvahu? Odpovědi na tyto a další otázky se dozvíte během prezentace.

speaker: Petr Hlaváček – Náměstek primátora hl. m. Prahy, Člen Rady hl. m. Prahy pro oblast územního a strategického rozvoje.

11:15–11:30 Coffee break

11:30–12:15 KEYNOTE SPEECH - Case studies

The Evolving concepts of Sustainability illustrated by Trend-Making Buildings: from Green to Decarbonized, ESG-compliant & Data-enabled Buildings

“Bosco Verticale” (Milan), “The Edge” (Amsterdam) and “Maison Île de France” (Paris) are some projects that marked their times and trends, illustrating how the sustainability concepts have been challenged and evolving from Green Building concepts to Smart, Healthy, Circular, Net-zero-Resources Assets, integrating whole-life cycle considerations! EU Regulation is evolving to more stringent levels and broader fields. This raises new challenges to the real estate sector, regarding Building Performance expectations and technical considerations to be onboarded since the earliest stages of a project.

More than ever a holistic and integrated Design approach is required to succeed developing ESG-compliant Assets, whose performance and value are preserved on the long-run and where Data Strategies are required to ensure flexible and resilient operations.

By diving is some of Deerns landmark projects, we will illustrate evolving sustainability concepts and innovations that may shape the next levels of sustainable performance for off-grid and regenerative buildings.

speaker: Ana Cunha – Strategic Sustainability Advisor & CSR Director - Deerns Group


Saint-Gobain roadmap for more sustainable constructions

Decarbonization and circularity are two key pillars in Saint-Gobain’s journey towards more sustainable constructions. After a short introduction to Saint-Gobain strategy, priorities and targets for 2030 and beyond, the presentation will explain and illustrate how Saint-Gobain businesses are developing low carbon and more circular solutions on their markets and how the Group is developing collaborations along the value chain to accelerate the market transformation for a more sustainable built environment.

speaker: Pascal Eveillard – Sustainable Business Development Director, Saint-Gobain Group

Carbon management and engineering

The presentation will focus on key steps and considerations regarding collaboration among architects, designers, builders, and engineers in Carbon management and engineering. What and how to consider in the process - performance phases concerning carbon. Do we have a clear understanding of what Carbon management is? When will we be able to discuss aspects of reducing the carbon footprint within professional performance standards and related activities? And is it currently feasible with our experiences?

speaker: Karel Fronk – ESG Manager, KKCG Real Estate Group a.s.

Let’s build – for future generations

Today we can build higher, stronger and lighter buildings than ever before with a raw material that is completely renewable, reusable and recyclable. To build a better future is not easy, but it's possible - if architects, developers, engineers, builders and manufacturers work together, we can make a true change with the innovative and circular solutions we have today. Tomas will talk about Stora Enso’s approach, solutions and experiences.

speaker: Tomáš Hýrek – Business Development Manager, Stora Enso Wood Products Zdirec

Ředitelka odboru průmyslové ekologie, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Tématem mé prezentace bude Cirkularita v kontextu vyššího využívání druhotných surovin. Zaměřím se na novinky v oblasti přípravy revidované regulace pro uvádění stavebních výrobků na trh i možnosti financování projektů a další aktuality z oblasti cirkulární ekonomiky, které by mohly být pro účastníky konference přínosné.

speaker: Ing. Pavlína Kulhánková – Ředitelka odboru průmyslové ekologie, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

13:30–14:15 Oběd


Smarter Building Operations

Buildings, technology, and people - from our long-standing knowledge, we have identified this triad as the key to the gateway for addressing decarbonization in buildings. Buildings - are not just imprints of chosen architecture, but primarily a shell between external influences and the activities inside the building. Technology - comprises extensive tools, mostly fully automated with detailed information in the form of data installed within the shell. Their common purpose is to create an internal climate, comfort, safety, stability, and enjoyment. People - are the owners of buildings, users, but above all, creators of the symbiosis between the building and the external world. Through smarter building operations, we have achieved extraordinary results that unbelievably connect needs and goals focused on reducing the negative impact on the environment - reducing energy and operational costs - and increasing the stability, comfort, and safety of the entire building. The presentation will guide you through the concept of "Smarter Building Operations" and also introduce a case study that includes practical examples, achieved results, and evaluations.

speaker: Michal Petřík – CEO BUILDSYS, a.s.

Decarbonisation of commercial buildings using heating and cooling technology

In the case of the existing administrative building, we will explore various technological solutions for heating and cooling the commercial facility. The considered technologies include air-to-water heat pumps, a modular VRV system with heat recovery, and the supply of district heating with local sources of cooling. We will evaluate all options not only in terms of CO2 emission reduction but also from the perspective of saving primary energy from non-renewable sources and expected operational cost savings.

speaker: Petr Hejduk – Commercial Sales Manager, Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe - Czech Republic spol. s.r.o.

Living Places Copenhagen - Sustainable Construction of the Futureresentation will be specified

Healthy living with ample natural daylight and fresh air, affordable and sustainable, with a minimal carbon footprint. On these building principles, a visionary village of seven timber houses called Living Places has emerged in Copenhagen – this year's capital of world architecture. The VELUX company, in collaboration with the EFFEKT architects studio, opened it at the beginning of the summer in 2023.

speaker: Marek Petrík – Head of Innovation EFFEKT Architects

Vedoucí oddělení Odbor energetické účinnosti a úspor, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

V následujících dnech se očekává schválení revidované směrnice energetické účinnosti budov EPBD4, která bude mít významný dopad na nové i existující stavební projekty. Nathalie představí klíčové aspekty nových požadavků obsažených ve směrnici, projde procesem transpozice těchto změn do české legislativy a podělí se o pohled na očekávané výzvy a příležitosti v oblasti energetické účinnosti budov.

speaker: Nathalie Marková – Vedoucí oddělení Odbor energetické účinnosti a úspor, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

15:30–16:15 BLOCK 4 – FINANCE/ESG

Bank’s approach to sustainable finance

speaker: Blanka Beranová – Executive Director for Sustainability ČSOB a.s.

Practical aspects of EU Taxonomy and CSRD in real estate

Alice is leading a series of projects preparing real estate companies for CSRD and EU Taxonomy, and she will present the latest developments in both regulatory and strategic aspects of financing. You will learn, for example, how the EU Taxonomy defines criteria for the construction of new buildings. She will showcase the results of the EY EU Taxonomy Barometer, providing specific data for the real estate and construction sector. Additionally, we will discuss how ESG criteria will impact building valuations.

speaker: Alice Machová – Vedoucí partnerka poradenství v oblasti CFO agendy a udržitelného rozvoje EY Česká republika

16:15–16:30 Coffee break

16:30–17:15 KEYNOTE SPEECH - Timber construction

The New Model Building

Andrew will present the work of the practice and their emerging understanding of a 21st century timber architecture. The proposal for a new model of building is for an architecture that is relevant to an age of climate emergency and one that celebrates efficiency, sufficiency, and timber. Waugh Thistleton mostly live in London and work around the world. Since Murray Grove in 2008 the practice has been dedicated to exploring the possibilities and boundaries of timber construction and its effects on forest and city.

speaker: Andrew Waugh – Founding Director, Waugh Thistleton Architects


Key findings and recommendations from Decarbonisation Roadmap

speaker: Antonín Lupíšek – Director for Science and Research of CTU UCEEB , Petr Zahradník – Project Manager CZGBC



After a busy day full of inspiring lectures and information, we cordially invite you to the networking afterparty, where you will be able to share your first impressions from the conference with other participants, talk to speakers and make new business contacts. The afterparty takes place in the Music Lounge, on the ground floor of the same conference building.


Each presentation will be followed by Q&A session.

Please note the time schedule is only preliminary, exact timing of the presentations will be confirmed nearer the date.

Participation of representatives of relevant ministries is in discussion.

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