Vicente Guallart

Founder Guallart Architects

Vicente Guallart is a licensed architect with registration number COAC 19721, an urbanist, and a researcher. He served as the Chief Architect of the city of Barcelona from 2011 to 2015. He is a co-founder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the Fab Lab Barcelona, with which he has undertaken projects such as the Media House Project (2001) in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, the Fab Lab House (2010). Currently, he leads the Master’s program in Advanced Ecological Buildings at Valldaura Labs, where he conducts research in wooden construction.

In his professional practice, Vicente Guallart works as a director at Urbanitree, where he has designed numerous eco-friendly buildings in Europe and Asia. Notable projects include post-COVID housing in Xiong’an, China, and “Terrazas para la Vida,” the tallest industrially-manufactured solid wood social housing building in Spain.

Guallart has participated in the Venice Biennale four times and was selected for the exhibition of Spanish architecture at the MOMA in New York.

Ana Cunha

Strategic Sustainability Advisor & CSR Director - Deerns Group

Ana Cunha is the Strategic Sustainability Advisory and CSR Director (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Deerns Group, a 600 staff Engineering & Consultancy firm, established in 10 countries and specialized in MEP Engineering, Sustainability strategy and Smart Building design. As Deerns Real Estate sector global Director, Ana led the commercial development of Deerns Real estate departments internationally, to support clients with global portfolios, to exchange knowledge and monitor trends and innovations for sustainable building design. As Strategic Advisor on ESG and Sustainability, Ana supports clients with a portfolio of Buildings throughout their multicriteria performance transformation, from decarbonisation to resource-efficiency and data-enablement. Ana is a BuildingLife ambassador for Decarbonisation since 2022, with a strong experience in International network coordination and on ESG, circular, health, well-being and digital transition for the building sector. Currently, Ana is also a member of ULI (Urban Land institute) actively working on the Climate Transition Risks topic, and is a consulting member of the “Resilience” Taskforce of LEED/USGBC. Ana Cunha is a founding member of France Green Building Council (Alliance-HQE) and of the Sustainable Building alliance (SBA), as well as an active member of the Smart Building Alliance (SBA). As former positions, ana was as Industry stakeholder for the European Commission development of LEVEL(S) (EU voluntary reporting framework for Buildings sustainable performance), having also performed as Chair of the European Policy Taskforce of the World Green Building Council (2012 – 2014), as chair of the building Sustainability Indicators taskforce of the UNEP-SBCI (United National Environmental Programme – Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative); key founder of the Sustainable Building Alliance (SBA), and as International Development Officer of the HQE Certification (2007-2014).

Andrew Waugh

Founding Director, Waugh Thistleton Architects

Andrew Waugh is a Founding Director of Waugh Thistleton Architects, a practise dedicated to delivering beautiful buildings and places that acknowledge their effect on the environment. He is a world-renowned spokesperson for low impact architecture and innovative construction, and lobbies and lectures internationally, communicating the urgent need for change to mitigate the climate crisis. A pivotal player in the global shift towards renewable, bio-based materials, Andrew’s innovative approach to design has been acknowledged by many awards including the RIBA President’s Award for Research and a Stirling Prize nomination in 2018. The practice is currently engaged on both research and design projects throughout Europe and North America.

Petr Palička

Managing Director, Penta Real Estate

Petr Palička is one of the most experienced and respected professionals in the field. He has been working in Penta since 2007 – he has gradually built up a strong real estate team for the Czech Republic, which today ranks among the TOP3 on the market in commercial development. Under his leadership, Penta's projects significantly contribute to the modernization of the capital city of Prague. In the very centre, it is mainly the revitalization of the Masarykovo and Main train stations, in the wider centre, the new Waltrovka district, the location near the Nusle brewery or the completion of the construction of Vítězné Square. He came to Penta from the position as Director of Bovis Lend Lease for Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is a graduate of Prague ČVUT.

Eva Nykodymová

Health&Safety and Environmental Manager Skanska

Eva Nykodymová is a graduate of the University of Chemistry and Technology, specializing in environmental protection technology. She commenced her career in the chemical industry within the project department, contributing to the delivery of complete chemical units to facilities across the Czech Republic. Remaining dedicated to the field of chemistry, Eva transitioned to the pharmaceutical sector, overseeing the implementation of new standards from the French parent company into local conditions.

Throughout her career, she has actively engaged in risk analyses for handling potent pharmaceutical preparations. In a significant shift in professional direction after five years, Eva joined Skanska Property Czech Republic s.r.o. in 2016, providing support in the areas of safety and sustainability. In this role, she gradually assumed responsibility for all sustainability sub-areas, with her influence extending across various countries within Skanska's commercial development.

Recently, her primary focus has been on the circular economy, actively applying its principles in practical scenarios, such as the dismantling of the Merkuria facility. Another pivotal area of expertise is EU taxonomy, where Eva ensures compliance and adherence to regulations. She is a member of the working group of the Czech Council for Green Buildings, dedicated to EU taxonomy. Collaborating with colleagues, they are developing a methodology specific to the Czech Republic.

Within the Czech Council, Eva actively shares her construction industry experiences with fellow members, emphasizing the significance of shared knowledge for progress on the sustainable path forward

Jon Hale

Group Board Director Chapman Taylor

Jon Hale joined Chapman Taylor in London in 1997. He now heads up the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region and leads the design and implementation of projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. Based in Prague since 1991, Jon’s knowledge of the CEE markets and his leadership have helped our Prague studio become one of the leading architects across a wide range of sectors in the CEE region. Jon became a Group Board Director in 2020 and is leading Chapman Taylor’s drive to deliver highly sustainable projects across all studios under the banner of Responsible Design.

Pascal Eveillard

Sustainable Business Development Director, Saint-Gobain Group

Pascal Eveillard is a graduate of ESCP Europe with a master in business administration and has a postgraduate degree in corporate communications. He began his career in the agri-food sector in Germany, then worked for nine years in strategy and organisation consulting, in particular for a number of players in the construction sector. He joined the Saint-Gobain Group in 2000 as Director of Marketing and Innovation for ISOVER, Saint-Gobain's insulation business, first in France and then in Western Europe. In 2007, he became global head of public affairs, sustainable development and communications for the gypsum and insulation businesses. At the same time, from 2010, he became Director of Sustainable Construction for the entire Group. Since 2019 he has been the Sustainable Business Development Director for the Saint-Gobain Group. Pascal is strongly committed to the promotion of sustainable construction, the development of more sustainable construction products and solutions and public affairs at European and international level. He is particularly involved in organisations such as the World GBC and the WBCSD. He was an active member of the steering committee for the European Commission's LEVEL(S) project on indicators for sustainable buildings. He is vice-president of Eurima, the European association of mineral wool insulation manufacturers.

Karel Fronk

ESG Manager, KKCG Real Estate Group a.s.

Karel Fronk is the ESG manager at KKCG Real Estate Group a.s., where he is responsible for the company's activities in the field of sustainable development. He has long been professionally involved in environmental management and sustainable management of natural resources. Karel has participated in strategic projects focused on life and economic cycle evaluation in the construction sector, circular economy of deconstruction of buildings, and complex revitalization of brownfields. His work also involves carbon management of the Czech building sector and supporting interdisciplinary cooperation to decarbonize the construction industry.

Tomáš Hýrek

Business Development Manager, Stora Enso Wood Products Zdirec

Tomáš Hýrek has a master’s degree in timber structures and wood building construction and has over the last 10 years gained experience from very many different parts of the construction value chain as well as with timber as a building material. Tomas is familiar with the entire end-to-end process of building modern, low carbon and sustainable wooden houses - from a tree to the completion of multi-storey buildings made of mass timber.

Since 2020, he is working at Stora Enso as Business Development Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the aim to grow the share of prefabricated mass timber used in construction. He is highly involved in the construction projects and the technical support of the entire construction process in cooperation with architects and builders. In addition, Tomas is making a major contribution to promote green buildings in the region towards architects, developers, builders, as well as the general public.

Michal Petřík


Michal Petřík stands as the visionary owner of multiple enterprises, notably the founder and director of the company BUILDSYS, a.s., a leader in the Czech and Slovak markets, providing comprehensive solutions and services encompassing automation, energy management, and operational efficiency for commercial buildings. Michal has consistently positioned himself among the forefront of innovators. His expertise is underscored by numerous professional certifications, active engagement in specialized seminars, and conferences within the industry. Under his guidance, his team has successfully delivered pivotal projects, earning international accolades based on certification criteria. In the dynamic landscape of evolving energy transformation, Michal focuses on integration of traditional and renewable energy sources, emphasizing automation, storage, and optimized utilization strategies. He is the holder of the Technological Facility 2.0 strategy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, that enables the evolution of conventional facility into an innovative model, boasting remarkable sustainability benefits. It encompasses radical energy and operational savings, prolonged technology lifespan, heightened knowledge dissemination, streamlined operations reducing workforce requirements, and the convergence of technological data for enhanced performance.

Petr Hejduk

Commercial Sales Manager, Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe - Czech Republic spol. s.r.o.

Petr Hejduk graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague with a specialization in technical and economic solutions in industry. He gained international education experience at Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico. Since 2012, Petr has been working in the building technologies sector, holding various sales management positions within the Schindler group in Austria and the Czech Republic. In 2022, he joined Daikin Czech Republic as a management team member responsible for commercial and industrial clients, focusing on providing sustainable and low-carbon heating and cooling solutions.

Marek Petrík

Head of Innovation EFFEKT Architects

Marek Petrík is an architect at VELUX for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where he focuses on the significance of daylight – often referred to as a daylight architect! Actively presenting and promoting healthy indoor environments and sustainable construction practices, VELUX has the ambition to construct homes that benefit both people and the planet. His daily tasks include building relationships with architects and designers, active participation in the B2B sector, and supporting the sales team in overseeing extensive projects. This role requires a deep understanding of current architectural trends and strong commitments to sustainable construction practices.

Blanka Beranová

Executive Director for Sustainability ČSOB a.s.

Blanka Beranová graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and gained extensive banking experience at Accenture, where she worked in various managerial positions for eleven years on international projects. Since 2015, she has been working within the ČSOB Group, initially leading the preparation and implementation of a new business strategy at ČMSS (now ČSOB Stavební spořitelna). She has held positions such as Executive Director of the Group Design department and managed the integration of ČMSS into the ČSOB Group. Currently, she oversees sustainability and manages sustainable activities within the ČSOB Group.

Alice Machová

Vedoucí partnerka poradenství v oblasti CFO agendy a udržitelného rozvoje EY Česká republika

Alice Machová leads a team of experts in CFO agenda and financial accounting advisory services in the Czech Republic. Her expertise spans digital technologies, financial processes, treasury, transaction accounting, IFRS accounting standards, and US GAAP. She is a certified accountant of the FCCA. Alice also heads EY CR Sustainability Business Services, focusing on ESG strategies, sustainability reporting, decarbonization strategies, and consulting for financing sustainable projects. She is involved in the SDG Association of Social Responsibility awards as a jury member and mentors in programs for women in management - Odyssey and Femme Palette. Alice started her career focusing on auditing after graduating from the University of Economics in Prague. She co-founded the FAAS department at EY London and later in EY CR, leading a successful team of over 80 consultants within the Central EU region.

Petr Hlaváček

Náměstek primátora hl. m. Prahy, Člen Rady hl. m. Prahy pro oblast územního a strategického rozvoje.

Mezi jeho hlavní kompetence patří mimo jiné příprava, projednání, monitorování, vyhodnocení a implementace Strategického plánu hl. m. Prahy, tvorba územního plánu a jeho změn.

Ing. Pavlína Kulhánková

Ředitelka odboru průmyslové ekologie, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Pavlína Kulhánková na ministerstvu působí od roku 2009, mezi hlavní odpovědnosti patří příprava a realizace Politiky druhotných surovin, která je součásti surovinové politiky ČR. Zároveň se aktivně zaměřuje na podporu cirkulární ekonomiky a udržitelného využívání zdrojů a druhotných surovin.

Nathalie Marková

Vedoucí oddělení Odbor energetické účinnosti a úspor, Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

Nathálie Marková je vedoucí oddělení hospodaření s  energií Odboru energetické účinnosti a úspor, kde je zodpovědná za vytváření národních strategií energetické účinnosti a energetické náročnosti budov, včetně zaměření na legislativní nastavení. Podílí se na přípravě koncepčního uchopení energetické chudoby v ČR. Nathalie je národním expertem na Směrnici o energetické náročnosti budov (EPBD) a  Směrnici o energetické účinnosti (EED).

Michala Hergetová

TV reporteur and moderator of the business news and events

Michala Hergetová graduated from the University of Economics in Prague with the specialization in the International Trade and European integration 2005. She interrupted these studies for a Joint European Studies Programme at Staffordshire University in the UK and University of Antwerp in Belgium. Completed with a MA EITEI in 2004. Her proffesional career started with Mafra a.s.(2000), where she worked for the TV news department TVD, with the specialization in economics and politics. Since 2002 she worked as the PR Director for the National Trade Promotion Agency - CzechTrade. Through the floods in 2002 she led the CzechTrade and Radio Impuls Diluvial Centre. Since 2005 she worked 15 years for the public service TV Czech Television at different possitions as reporteur, moderator or editor and moderated various events and debates. Now she focuses on moderating specialised debates and events in English and Czech. Cooperates with EC`s DG ENER or Mastercard Fintech Engage

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