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  • Mark Johnson: Sustainable Urban Regeneration, the Role of Brownfields in Meeting New Challenges
    Cities today are under many stresses. Social change, housing pricing, increased needs for mobility and a changing climate are leading factors in challenges of urban sustainability and public health. Political leadership and public policies do not always recognize or keep pace with the rate of change we are experiencing today. This presentation will discuss these factors and several case studies that are successfully meeting the challenges in North America, the UK and the Czech Republic.
  • Panattoni Europe: Sustainable approach to construction of industrial buildings
    There are many roads leading to sustainable construction today, but which one is the best? Global climate change cannot be fought by populist shouts. Daily real steps and deeds are the only way to minimize the negative impact of human activity. Our presentation will reveal not only current activities but also future plans of the most active domestic developer of industrial parks.
  • Bernard Storch: Reconstructive Surgery of Urban Environment
    Our built environment is ever changing. Cities expand and constrict. Programmatic and technological changes in society produce often sudden and dramatic tectonic shifts within our cities. Brownfield sites are visible symptoms of those underlying dynamisms we experience as urban voids, scars and barriers. How can our new interventions help to re-interpret the existing urban fabric, to bring fresh identity and re-invent the way we use spaces?
  • Buildings in fight against draugth
    Sustainable water management during long and recurring droughts has become the topic number one. How to prepare buildings for climate change? How to save every drop and to cool the surroundings? Can buildings help us to fight drought?
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